Merck's high speed capsule line relies on Compak cap sealer

Pharmaceutical companies demand precise and reliable performance from their packaging equipment. On a high-speed line the importance of performance is intensified.

So when Merck installed a 300 cpm packaging line in Puerto Rico, each piece of equipment was heavily scrutinized to ensure it would be up to the task. When it came to the cap sealer, Enercon’s Compak™ was selected as the best system for the job.

Merck’s Compak™ includes an Enercon cap inspection system to detect stalled bottles, high caps and missing foils. The Compak™ also features an auto start/stop feature and a stack light which indicates system operating status.

Originally appeared in: eNews: Induction Sealing Technology 3rd Quarter 2001

With over 1,500 installations world-wide, the Compak™ induction sealer has earned the reputation as the industry’s workhorse.