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What is this? Enercon has a blog about induction sealing? Is there really that much to discuss about sealing containers? I think there just might be - and for good measure we'll leave a little latitude in our topics here to discuss the packaging industry in general. We'll be working each week to put up at least one new post and encourage you to participate by posting comments on the topics we discuss.

Looking for inspiration for my first post, our ever creative web producer raised the question about what I could pull out of my recent experience of packing up my house and moving to a new place. Maybe not a direct tie to cap sealers, but made me think about the sustainability efforts that is at the forefront of so many discussions today. You probably know the drill that surrounds a move - a couple weeks before your move you start collecting boxes to packing all the things you've collected over the years. I went the route of hitting up my friends and family that had moved recently for boxes so I didn't have to buy new ones. This was purely an economic decision, but when you think about it we've been extending the life of the cardboard box this way for years. The value of the box while immense when moving, in many cases doesn't outweigh the costs involved of buying new ones for that trip from your old place to your new home.

This is just one example of how we extend the life of a product by re-use. Since sustainability and green initiatives are such a hot topic (a side note: Richard Bull, director of our sister company in the UK, will be talking about their efforts at Pack Expo in a few weeks) I thought I'd posed the question: What other creative ways have you found of extending the life of a product whether through re-use or otherwise?

Catch you next week!


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