Recycling Closures in Enercon's Cap Seal Lab

Ever wonder what happens to a cap when you recycle it? Most often it gets thrown out. While plastic bottles are often recycled, the plastic closure has been relegated to landfill. That is until now!
Aveda has taken an innovative approach to closure recycling and setup a program called "Recycle Caps." In addition to leveraging the plastic recycled from closures to mold new ones, they also use the program to teach kids about recycling! Partnering with over 700 schools around the nation, the impact the program is making has been significant.
After hearing about the program last week, it made me think about all the closures we use in our cap seal lab. We've setup a recycling bin in our lab specifically for recycling closures that will be added to Aveda’s program. A small effort on our part to make a big impact on the environment!

Posted: 10/19/2009 7:20:16 PM by Enercon Web Administrator | with 0 comments

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