I spent some time with a customer recently and we were walking through the operation and features of their new sealer. This isn't the first induction cap sealer they've owned, but it’s been awhile since they last purchased one.
Often times we get comments from customers that our sealer is the easiest piece of equipment to operate and maintain on their line. It always puts a smile on my face when I hear this, but even though it might be the case we still work hard to provide operator training when starting up a system. I love to conduct this training face to face as it always seems the most effective. However you don't always catch everyone and sometimes you just want a quick refresher. For this we have some great online resources! Whether it's determining your operating window or tips on how to achieve the perfect seal you'll find them on our site.
Indeed these resources are a good start, but I'm certain there are questions you run across that we could add to the library. Post your ideas for instructions or videos you'd like to see us add.

Posted: 11/20/2008 7:20:45 PM by Enercon Web Administrator

What would you say are the two hottest topics being debated right now? With the election just a few days away, the presidential race with Obama and McCain vying to be the next leader of the United States is undoubtedly one of the two most talked about items today. I’d have to say the state of the global economy is a close second.
What do these two things have to do with packaging? Earlier this week I was out on the road spending time with our customers. During my visits I learned quite a bit about how the economy is affecting their businesses. One of my visits was with a new customer who is installing a brand new line from the ground up. As you know projects like this just don’t come together overnight & this one in particular has been in the works for the better part of 12-18 months. They had the wheels in motion long before the latest round of dips in the market.
Their products tend to tip the scales at the higher end of the market. When I asked about sales they mentioned sales were down a bit, but reinforced that this new line was a long term strategic move. This was refreshing to hear. They weren’t worried about next quarter’s results. They took time in analyzing the return this project would provide. It was understood that when the economy proves it resilience and begins to recover they will be in a stronger position. Their new line – complete with Enercon’s Super Seal Max and Variable Sealing Control – will give them a competitive advantage and allow them to continue to grow their business.
Have something exciting, innovative or just plain brilliant that your company is doing to give itself a leg up on the competition? Share your thoughts below!

Posted: 11/1/2008 5:17:08 PM by Enercon Web Administrator