Personalized presentations - on-line or in your office

One of the pillars of Enercon's philosophy is to help educate the industries we serve. Our efforts take a wide array of formats. It could be presentations at conferences or tradeshows; we've also got a great library of public webinars that we've hosted.

Additionally, we've customized presentations and content for customers and partners alike. Traditionally we've presented at your facility - and we love to do these! The face to face contact with our induction cap sealing customers and partners builds strong relationships.

Last week we created a targeted presentation to a customer who was rolling out systems across a number of plants spread across the country. Getting everyone in one place wasn't going to be quite as easy. So we leveraged our webinar technology and hosted a private webinar targeted to their specific needs. The response was outstanding.

If you'd like to see us tailor an educational event on Enercon cap sealers and the process, contact me and we'll determine which format will best fit!

Posted: 5/29/2013 8:39:41 AM by Ryan Schuelke | with 0 comments

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