Preventative Maintenance On Air Cooled Systems

One of the great things about the equipment that we sell is that it keeps getting easier to use and maintain.  That doesn't mean that you're off the hook completely on maintenance, though! Luckily, our air-cooled systems really only have one thing that needs to be done regularly.  Underneath the power supply are some cooling fans.  Those fans need to be inspected to make sure they are clean and rotating freely.  Depending on your atmosphere and product, you may just have to blow the fans off with compressed air.  In extreme environments, you may have to use a brush and some cleaning fluid.  If you remove the sealing heads from the unit, it make the fans much more accessible.

Of course, the next question you'll ask is:  "How often so I need to do this?"  It depends on your particular setup.  I usually suggest to start by checking the fans quarterly.  Based on how they look, you can adjust your check frequency from there.  I see equipment in for repair every week from customers who never check on the fans, and it always amazes me how much they pay for a repair which could have been prevented with 15 minutes of prevention.

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