How much would down-time cost you?

How much would an hour of down-time cost you?

One of the most common things I encounter when I'm helping a customer over the phone is that they don't have any spare parts. Most of the time, we can troubleshoot a problem to one component. If the customer keeps a stock of parts, they can grab what they need, install it, and be up and running again. If they have to order something, they won't get it until the next day. Depending on when the order is placed, you could lose a whole day of production waiting for parts to arrive.

Even if you have one of our service engineers visit your plant, there still will be a delay between the phone call and the repair. In my mind, it is in your best interest to have some spares on hand 'just in case.' The value of having spare parts can far outweigh the cost.

I'll ask again: How much is it worth to keep your line running?

For information on spare parts for your system, contact us.  Please include your serial and model numbers.

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