Solving adhesion challenges in packaging

Enercon has long provide both induction cap sealing systems as well as surface treating equipment. For many years the customer bases were nearly mutually exclusive. Every once in a while you'd see a customer with a need to solve an adhesion problem.

Today, I'm seeing more and more companies who are not only looking to solve a sealing challenge, but are also looking for a way to improve adhesion on their packaging. Fortunately, whether its increasing label adhesion, enhancing glue effectiveness on cartons, or simply sealing a bottle, Enercon is able to provide a solution!

To help people learn a bit more about this technology we recently launched a new website dedicated to educating people about plasma treating. The site provides everything from basic information about processes and applications to in depth technical papers. Could be worth checking out if you need to solve an adhesion problem in your business. Check it out at

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