Enhancing your package by replacing glassine with induction seals

While chatting with a colleague the other day we got to talking about a material that I haven't heard a lot about recently - glassine. Glassine has long been used in a wide variety of ways including the packaging food. The thin paper based material provides an air, grease & water resistant layer, which, as you can imagine can be very useful in food packaging.

Our conversation about glassine got started as one of our customers who is using glassine currently told us that they were down to one supplier for the material. Needless to say they got a little nervous when they were down to one supplier for a key component in their product. Enercon's induction cap sealers provide a nice option in replacing glassine. The heat induction seal with its foil layer and laminations not only provides similar benefits, but also provides you with a much cleaner application process along with virtually zero transmission of air (or water) through the foil seal.

Converting from glassine to induction seals will undoubtedly change your packaging process a bit, but my guess is it will actually make it a bit easier - chances are your operators will thank you for the change! Drop me a note if you have an application that you'd like us to take a look at in replacing glassine with an induction seal; we're always happy to run free sample tests for you.

Posted: 3/24/2009 9:00:00 AM by Enercon Web Administrator | with 0 comments

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