Easy peelability, wider operating window & re-sealability all in a new induction heat seal

When I meet someone new and tell them what I do for a living I often joke about how challenging it can be to get into a sealed package. More often than not my new connection will agree. For some packages, a truly tamper evident seal is a must - for example, in pharmaceuticals as consumers we want to see that our package has not been tampered with.

Other packages however can take advantage of advancements in easy peel technology. Selig Liners announced their newest induction heat seal material yesterday - Top Tab 2. This new technology provides easy peel characteristics with their half moon tab on top of the heat seal. This tab makes peeling the sealed liner off the package extremely easy for the consumer.

The new Top Tab 2 also provides a pulp board backing which remains in the closure after removal. This gives the consumer added benefit of resealability & leakage prevention after the package is used for the first time. A benefit that is often lacking in standard single piece, easy peel induction seals.

The benefits of the new liner go beyond consumers, packagers also see a significant efficiency. Selig has re-engineered the material to provide better heat distribution which in turn creates the wider operating window. With the wider operating window, packagers are able to better account for the variables that impact the induction sealing process.

Check out Selig Liners' new Top Tab 2 and brush up on your operating window knowledge with one of our recorded webinars.

Posted: 6/26/2013 9:40:27 AM by Ryan Schuelke | with 0 comments

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