I was a little surprised when I read a headline for an article from our friends at Packaging World. The articles details how biodegradable products tend to give off more methane than their non-biodegradable counterparts. The additional methane isn't a problem if landfills can capture and convert to energy, but many of our landfills are ill-equipped to do this.

The story made me wonder what your sustainability focus is? Are you heading down a path of more recycled content? Do you favor biodegradable packaging? Something else that you are looking? We would love to hear your comments!

Posted: 6/15/2011 11:04:31 AM by Ryan Schuelke

Have you ever looked for an easy way to explain the differences between plastics? Maybe why one plastic bottle is better for your application than another? Thanks to the folks over at Container & Packaging Supply you know have videos that do it all for you!

You both learn and laugh through their series of 'What is...?' videos. If you really need a laugh, check out their blooper reels. Their YouTube channel has the entire series of videos, but here are a few direct links:

Posted: 6/7/2011 11:42:29 AM by Ryan Schuelke