A few weeks ago I mentioned in my blog "What do I do if I have leaking caps" how critical the alignment of the induction sealer is to insuring the consistency of seals. I frequently get asked, "What is the proper way to align my sealer?"

Here is how I go about setting a system up. First, make sure the bottles track down the center of the head. Adjust any guide rails as necessary and lock them into place. Adjust the unit and sealing head to make sure it is parallel to the conveyor. It doesn't matter if the sealer is level, so long as the head is level with respect to the conveyor. Then, set the gap between the top of the bottle and the sealing head to 1/8". Verify that the gap is consistent for the whole length of the head.

Of course, there are a few exceptions to the above setup. For a Universal head, perform the above steps. Then, pivot the head to the proper position for your closure, using the markings on the head as reference. For Deep tunnel heads, there are extra labels indicating the foil height on the sides of the head. Get the foil as close to the height of those markings as you are able instead of worrying about the 1/8" air gap. The rest is all the same.

For a more in-depth description of the above steps, check out "Positioning Your Sealing Head."

As an additional note, I recommend checking the alignment every shift change, every product change, and especially every package change. Most of the time there will be no need of adjustment. But should you find something out of line, you can potentially save lots of rework or discarded product. This is a great way to set yourself up for success!

Posted: 6/29/2010 5:44:15 PM by Enercon Web Administrator

Several years ago, one of our salesmen told me, "Without the Sales Department, you'd be out of a job." I quickly responded with, "True—But without the Service Department, you might not get the next sale at a customer."

When was the last time you received excellent service? I'll bet you have to think about it. Now, when was the last time you received poor service? You can probably rattle off the entire story of that experience and also will warn everyone about what you went through. Why is good service so hard to come by and, more importantly, what is Enercon doing to make sure you receive top-of-the-class support?

First, we have real live people manning the phones 24/7. Call (262) 255-6070 during business hours and you can talk to anyone who is in. We'll handle any question you may have, ranging from technical things to application issues to 'silly' questions. If you call after hours, we have a rotating group of experienced service engineers who can help you out. (I'm the rookie of that group, with *only* 12 years at Enercon!)

We strive to minimize your down time-if something should go wrong with a system. If you know what parts you need, we can usually ship them out the same day. Most equipment sent in can be repaired and shipped out two business days after we receive it. If that's not fast enough for you, we have field engineers who can perform on-site troubleshooting and repair. They are also available for start-up assistance, preventative maintenance, and training.

Of course, for you do-it-yourself types, we have a wealth of service information on our website. You can also e-mail questions directly to our Service Department.

So, give us a call sometime. I look forward to it!

Posted: 6/7/2010 3:35:50 PM by Enercon Web Administrator