Ever wonder why a 38mm closure is 38mm? Why not 36mm or 39mm?

Earlier this week I was sitting down with a couple new members of our cap seal team discussing closures of all shapes & sizes. One of the questions that came up was, "Why don't I see these same sizes in all areas of the world?"

The answer likes in the work that ISBT and the former Closure Manufacturers Association conducted many years back. These two groups worked together to create voluntary standards for neck finishes and closures.

By and large bottle and cap manufacturers here in the US adopted and adhered to these standards. This has created an environment that allows a fair amount of interchangeability.

Outside the US, some manufacturers follow suit while others don't. Thus we tend to see more 'non-standard' closure sizes in other countries. Curious about these standards? Check out ISBT's Threadspecs for more details. Two other valuable resources in helping understand neck finishes are found on SKS Bottle & Alpha Packaging's websites.

Regardless of the neck finish & closure design, we're able to configure an induction sealing system that will successfully seal your package.

Posted: 1/29/2014 12:34:41 PM by Ryan Schuelke