Using a foil seal to help thrawt counterfeit efforts

Chances are you've probably recently seen a commercial for GSK's over-the-counter weight loss product - alli. Until today, the thing I remembered most about it is the fact that the word alli on the package reminds me of Google's eye catching logo.

GSK does a great job of taking the necessary steps to not only protect their packages from tampering, but also by applying a number of techniques to prevent counterfeiting. Unfortunately, counterfeited versions of the product have been surfacing as discussed in this press release. The pictures in the release show just how far these counterfeiters will go to knock off a package.

One of the things you’ll notice in the pictures is that the foil seal on the real product has the phrase “sealed for your protection” on it. Taking a step as simple as this allows you to set apart your product from counterfeiters. Other methods you could use include custom printed messages, holograms, and color-shifting inks. Using any one of these methods along with other techniques help you stay one step ahead of would be counterfeiters.

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