Food safety is definitely front and center in the news lately. Whether it’s the latest headlines about salmonella in peanut butter products or concerns about food terrorism, there is definitely no lack of things to worry about as a producer of food products.
As I was reading this article a week or two back I was thinking about how much effort was being put into protecting our food supply from contamination during the production process. The list of precautions and recommendations by the FDA is staggering.  But it also made me think about what companies like yours are doing to protect your products from tampering or contamination after they leave your facility.
Undoubtedly, the risk tampering drops significantly after leaving your building simply because you are down to a unit level and let’s face it, it’s much more difficult to affect a wide scale tampering when you have to get into each package. However, the risk of contamination still remains without a properly sealed container.
Let me ask you a question, are you providing enough protection? What forms of tamper evidence are you using? Are they giving your customer - the consumer - the confidence that your product is safe when they eat or drink it?
Induction sealing provides one method of protection, and of course there are others. If you’re thinking about adding a seal, but not sure where to go or if its right for you drop me a note or give me a call (262.255.6070) anytime and we’ll chat more about how induction cap sealing could work for your product.

Posted: 1/21/2009 8:39:30 PM by Enercon Web Administrator