Will this used Enercon cap sealer work for me?

A customer called in earlier in the week asking about a used induction cap sealer that he found which had been in storage for some time. He was wondering if it might work for a new application he had. I told him we'd be happy to look into it for him and just needed a few pieces of information.

First and probably most importantly we need the serial number of the system. This will immediately tell us what model sealer it is and the approximate age of the system. We've designed our systems to easily allow user to change sealing heads. This creates flexibility for packagers, but also means the sealing head on the system you are looking at might not be the original one that shipped with the system, so in addition its helpful to have a picture of the system along with the style or part number of sealing head.

The other pieces of extremely important information are your application parameters. What works for a container with a 28mm closure doesn't always work for a package with a 110mm closure; therefore cap size, cap style and line speed are a must. Additionally understanding more about your application is helpful. Here are a few things that are nice to look at - what heat induction foil are you using, what material is your bottle made of, what are you filling in the package, what temperature is it being filled at.

With these pieces of information we can pretty much determine if the machine could work for you. We'll be straightforward and tell you if it's a good fit or if you should consider other options. You of course need to be careful and make sure you know the condition of the sealer, but if you find the right system out there you can count on Enercon to support your efforts. Whether its a customer trying to repurpose a system or someone finding a used Enercon induction sealer available for sale, we're always willing to answer questions about any vintage Enercon cap sealer.

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