Innovation at WestPack - Shaker Liner?

Performance Systematix sample shaker induciton foil lining materialIf you’ve ever bought a jar of spices you’ve no doubt seen a wide array of dispensing closures or fitments that allow you to shake or pour out your favorite spice. Both Gateway Plastics & Weatherchem have been innovating in this category and have come up with some great closing solutions.

I’m always a fan of innovation, so when I was at WestPack in Southern California last week and saw a new, innovative twist on this idea I knew I had to share it. Performance Systematix (PSI) has been providing vented heat induction seals for some time – they’ve found a niche and innovated nicely to fit the market. Last week at the show Don Ellis, PSI’s west coast sales rep, showed me their latest innovation.

PSI has developed a induction seal liner with a pattern punched out to serve as a dispensing shaker. Quite a clever idea. You can provide the features of a shaker cap closer to the costs of a traditionally lined continuous thread closure. Now, you do lose some of the benefits a full induction seal provides – tamper evidence, extended shelf life & freshness won’t be as strong as they would with a lined shaker style cap - but for those on a budget it might just be a good fit.

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