Help! How do I find my line speed?

One of the critical variables in determining which model Enercon cap sealer you'll need to seal your products is line speed. Unlike many pieces of packaging equipment, we measure throughput in feet (or meters) per minute rather than containers per minute. Thanks to our great engineering team all of our systems are designed so that no matter whether you have one or many containers under the sealer it will do what its supposed to... seal them!

That being said we know that most of you are not too concerned about how fast your container is moving down the conveyor. You just want to hit your target number of bottles per minute or hour or shift. Lucky for you we've gotten pretty good at converting from containers per minute to feet per minute - all we need to know is your production rate and the container pitch (container to container spacing.)

After doing it a few times you get a pretty good handle on it, but we've also made it easy with our Line Speed Calculator. No need to memorize crazy formulas or try to remember 9th grade algebra, it's as easy as plugging in a couple numbers and you have your line speed in feet per minute.

If you've ever been curious or have an upcoming project check it out and let me know what you think.

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