Quality starts with your cap supplier

Last week I was invited to check out all the new and exciting things happening at Mold Rite Plastics. During my tour of their facility one of the things we discussed was their passion in ensuring that every cap leaves their facility with a foil liner properly inserted in it.

As we discussed the technologies they use to inspect their closures, it reminded me how important your closure supplier is to the quality of your product. Your packages' quality really starts on your closure supplier's floor.

In addition to leveraging the quality control capabilities unlocked by our cap inspection system, be sure to ask your closure supplier what they do to inspect your closures before they leave their facility. Better yet, visit your supplier and see first hand how they are adding value to your product and helping you achieve a perfect seal.

Posted: 8/18/2011 3:48:03 PM by Ryan Schuelke | with 0 comments

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