Easing the pressure on hot fill packages

I got a call last night from Owen, one of our sales managers, who is out on the road this week. He had spent some time with a rep from Performance Systematix (PSI) earlier in the day. PSI modifies existing induction sealing materials by adding a variety of vents to the material. A couple of the added features the vents provide are: the ability to smell your product without removing the liner and the ability to allow a product off gas through the induction seal.

The part of Owen's visit that really intrigued me was a group of bottle they had in their office. Owen noticed one particular bottle that tends to have a very small sealing window. It is a great looking bottle, but something in the bottle's composition makes it a real bear to seal!

Most packagers we've seen use this bottle for hot fill applications. It's a beefy bottle that doesn't allow it to panel or bloat. PSI noticed an opportunity with this particular package. They can provide a vented liner and a plastic container that is much lighter all while fending off paneling or bloating. And on top of those great features, they can also do it cheaper!

Drop me a note or give me a call (262.250.314) if this might help you.

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