Super Seal™ Touch Induction Sealer

Get In Touch with the New Super Seal Touch

More productivity, easier set-up and more control. And that’s only the beginning...

The Super Seal™ Touch is the realization of a concept developed by Enercon's mechanical, electrical, service and sales teams. Ryan Schuelke Enercon's Cap Sealing Sales Director says, "Improving upon Enercon’s industry leading Super Seal™ design is a tremendous achievement for our development team and a great breakthrough for the industry. New performance standards include up to twenty percent more sealing power, a seventy-five percent reduction in cap inspection setup time and network connectivity. With an advanced touch screen interface the Super Seal™ Touch puts packagers in touch with their induction sealing operation like never before."

Watch the video from the Super Seal™ Touch Development Team or scroll down to learn about the powerful features of this system.



Up to 20% More Sealing Power For Many Applications All New Cap Inspection System

  • Sets up in minutes: pre-programmed and fully integrated with sealer
  • Touch Screen control for inspection and rejection
  • High sensitivity and responsiveness
  • LED bottle centering guide

Internal Intelligence

  • Easy-to-use and intuitive touch screen design
  • Supervisory password protection with operator lockout
  • Recipe management
  • Internal monitoring of all critical operating data
  • Container, cap, and foil counters
  • Descriptive fault information
  • Troubleshooting support
  • Multiple language support
  • Internal USB data port

Control Options

  • Local and remote start/stop controls
  • Local and remote power controls
  • Remote network control and monitoring via RS485 or ethernet

And that’s not all!

  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • Microprocessor control
  • Universal input voltage compatibility (200V through 240V)
  • Advanced self protective circuitry for electrical components
  • Compatible with Enercon’s current high-efficiency patented sealing heads

Enercon systems are designed to operate in a maximum ambient temperature of 40°C (104°F) @ 80% relative humidity, non-condensing.

The Super Seal™ Touch induction cap sealer provides 20% more induction sealing power, fully integrated cap inspection, touch screen control and network connectivity.

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