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How Plasma and Flame Surface Treating Improve Adhesion in Window and Door Manufacturing Processes

Window Treatment

As a member of the Window & Door Manufacturers Association, Enercon is pleased to provide this informative webinar. Learn how window and door manufacturers are currently using in-line plasma and flame surface treatment technologies to improve product quality and manufacturing efficiencies.

VP of Sales, Ryan Schuelke and Regional Sales Manager, Bob Schieble cover best practices, as well as specific applications on improving adhesion in the assembly, painting and decorating of windows and doors.

Topics include:
  • Why surface preparation is needed to improve adhesion
  • How plasma & flame clean, etch & functionalize surfaces
  • Specific industry applications
  • How to measure the effects of treatment
  • Why plasmas are replacing older preparation techniques

Access to the webinar includes both the recorded presentation and the presentation slides.


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