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Ink Jet Marking on Wire & Cable with Plasma Surface Treatment

Flame & Plasma for Plastics

Learn how the ink experts at Gem Gravure and the surface treating pros of Enercon are teaming up to help wire & cable companies break down adhesion barriers and improve printing operations.

Our expert panel provide industry insight:

  • Benefits & challenges of ink jet printing
  • Ink basics
  • Material surface basics
  • Find out what plasma treatment is and how it promotes adhesion
  • New ink formulations & plasma technology being used in the wire & cable industry


See what Enercon customers are saying

"Enercon has provided us with some great tools to help us improve our operations. They are very dedicated to ensuring our success and supporting the quality equipment they produce."
Jerry Jordan, Manufacturing Manager, WAGO

Innovative People Ensuring Your Treating Success.

Enercon is the world's leading manufacturer of surface treatment systems and associated support equipment. Our unwavering commitment to your success includes industry leading technology, application expertise, and world class support.


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