Construction & Building Materials Surface Adhesion with Plasma & Flame Treatment Solutions

Plasma and flame surface treating is commonly used in the packaging, medical and automotive field. However increasing requirements for improved adhesion performance in the construction industry is now creating a demand for atmospheric plasma and flame surface treatment solutions.

A common need for surface treatment is on surfaces that require strong adhesion to tapes such as windows, doors, roofing materials and even reflective surface coatings. Surfaces that will be exposed to elements will also benefit from pretreatment prior to painting. Siding, decking and garage doors fit into this category.

Fluropolymers are used in the construction industry for their ability to withstand temperature extremes, resist corrosion, and inherent mechanical toughness. They also provide surface adhesion challenges when attempting to mark or bond to these materials. Surface treatment improves the adhesion properties of fluropolymers without diminishing their desired performance properties.

Enercon can work with your team to determine how pretreatment can improve the critical bonding applications required in the construction industries. For more information or to schedule a free laboratory trial we invite you to contact our application experts.

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