Atmospheric Plasma Surface Treaters and Treatment for Webs

Enercon’s Plasma3™ and Plasma4™ atmospheric plasma surface treaters are ideal for a wide variety of web substrates. These systems are designed to clean, etch and functionalize polymer surfaces, textiles, nonwovens, metalized surfaces and much more. Imparting high surface energy and long lasting surface activation with specific gas chemistries make these systems ideal for applications requiring stringent surface treating requirements impossible for other technologies to achieve.

Enercon offers more than a decade of experience in pioneering the industrial application of production grade atmospheric plasma systems. Our breakthrough designs maximize performance with the industry’s most economical and environmentally conscious use of gas chemistries. Enercon’s designs are creating breakthrough production.

Plasma Treating Technologies

Plasma Synergy™ Plasma Treatment
Breakthrough combination plasma surface treatment technology creates unprecedented step change improvements in peel adhesion strength.
Plasma3™ Treating Systems
Achieve high dyne levels, long lasting treatment & functionalize engineered films & nonwoven surfaces. Specific gas chemistries modify challeging surfaces.
 Plasma4™ Atmospheric Plasma Treating
Newest design improves upon Plasma3™ industry leading gas economies without compromise. Treats wide variety of films offers no-ozone corona mode.