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Plasma Treaters & Treatment Technologies for Improving Adhesion

Atmospheric plasma surface treaters promote adhesion by removing organic and inorganic surface contaminants. Each Enercon Blown Arc and Blown Ion plasma treater has unique discharge characteristics optimized for specific applications. Plasma treating is effective on polymers, elastomers, glass and metals.

Plasma treatment heads can be mounted in a fixed position over a conveyor or indexing system. They may also be integrated with robotics for precise treatment patterns. Plasma treating is used extensively prior to printing, painting, decorating, bonding and assembly. Enercon’s plasma treater installations cover the globe and can be found in the automotive, medical, converting, solar, construction, manufacturing & plastics industries.

We invite you to contact our application experts or download our video technology comparison chart
to help you decide which plasma treater technology is best for your application.

Plasma Treaters

  • Blown Ion Air Plasma TreaterBlown Ion Plasma Treater

    Blown ion plasma discharge treats both conductive & non-conductive surfaces. It cleans, etches & functionalizes with precise treatment patterns.

  • Blown Arc Air Plasma TreaterBlown Arc Air Plasma Treater

    Blown arc plasma discharge treater increases surface energy of plastics. Use to improve adhesion prior to printing, painting, decorating & bonding.

  • Variable Chemistry PlasmaVariable Chemistry Plasma Treating

    Variable chemistry plasma for spot treating a wide variety of plastic & nonconductive surfaces prior to coating, marking, printing and bonding.

  • Flame Treatment for ObjectsFlame Surface Treater

    Flame Plasma Treaters offer safe and reliable surface treatment for any flat or dimensional surface.