Technology Spotlights

Atmospheric Plasma for Flexible Solar EFTE Adhesion

Enercon lab trials have confirmed the effectiveness of Plasma3™ atmospheric plasma for improving the adhesion of EFTE for flexible solar applications. Read for more details.

Atmospheric Plasma Technology Comparison

Enercon offers a variety of surface treating options. Our extensive product line features blown-arc and blown-ion plasma technology as well our unique variable chemistry technology for difficult to treat applications. Find out which technology is best for your application find out with our free comparison chart.

Atmospheric Plasma Treatment for Medical Surfaces

Atmospheric plasma is ideal for improving adhesion on a wide variety of materials used in the medical industry. Learn how blown arc air plasma, blown-ion plasma, variable chemistry plasma, and flame plasma systems can be used to clean surfaces, promote adhesive bonding and enable printing on polymers of all shapes and sizes.

Wide array of breakthrough surface treatment technologies displayed at ICE USA

Enercon Industries exhibited a variety of breakthrough surface treating technology at ICE USA 2011. Read more about high definition corona, atmospheric Plasma4, plasma synergy, and Air Treat technologies.

Which surface pretreatment technology is best for your application?

How do you determine which pretreatment technology is best for your application? It begins with a proper definition of your application. An advantage of working with Enercon is our ability to test your application with an assortment of treatment technologies including; air plasma, flame plasma and variable chemistry plasma.

Compak 2000 flip top power supply provides fast and easy diagnostic troubleshooting

The most recent improvement to Enercon's line of power supplies is the new Compak™ 2000 flip-top style power supply. At first glance you'll notice a change in the size of the cabinet. You might also notice a minor change in the diagnostic display symbols and the description of the diagnostics offered.


Enercon pioneered many of the technologies used to surface treat in the converting industry. Printers, laminators, coaters and other converters rely on Enercon's application expertise and advanced equipment design to deliver cost effective and reliable Bare-Roll treating solutions.

Corona treating for Nilpeter, Mark Andy and other leading printing presses

Three reasons leading companies rely on Enercon narrow web surface treaters: reliablity, compatibility, and support.

Difficult to Treat

Having problems treating a difficult to treat material? Let Enercon put its application expertise to work for you. As a global leader in surface treatment Enercon has earned the reputation as a problem solver when it comes to tough applications.

Dyne-A-Mite HP™ surface treater delivers 200% more surface activation

The Dyne-A-Mite HP™ is the most effective 3D air plasma surface treater ever offered by Enercon. It consistently delivers up to 200% more surface activation than comparable treatment systems. Its unique design generates an aggressive blown arc discharge that is ideal for high line speeds and demanding applications.

Enercon narrow web surface treaters are shipped ready for action

Adding a new component to your press is an exciting experience. Visions of improved quality and efficiency abound as you uncrate your new piece of equipment.

Enercon's Dyne-A-Mite VCP offers mass flow control of variable chemistry plasma

The Dyne-A-Mite VCP™ sets new standards in treatment flexibility, control and performance with mass flow control.

Evolving power supplies are small and powerful

What do books and power supplies have in common? You can't judge either by their covers. Take a quick look at the power supplies on your surface treaters from the 1980's and compare them to your more recent installations. For power supplies, bigger certainly isn't necessarily better.


Enercon offers two types of covered roll systems for extruding applications. Our original covered roll system is designed to meet the needs of the high performance lines and our new blown film station capably handles the requirements of lower speed applications.

High velocity PowerFlame ideal for PP

Enercon's innovative high velocity PowerFlame™ burner delivers an aggressive flame which is ideal for the treatment of a wide range of material including PP, OPP and BOPP.

How Flame Plasma Treatment Works

Find out how the use of flame plasma surface treatment technology helps promote adhesion to a variety of printing, coating, painting, bonding and labeling applications.

Maximize control and flexibility with new power supply designs

These new control schemes simplify installation and operation by integrating many functions such as Watt Density Control and Station Diagnostics with standard operations into a single operator interface.

Narrow Web

Enercon manufacturers a narrow web surface treating system for your tag, label or other narrow web application. The systems utilize Enercon's proven Bare-Roll technology and consist of a ceramic electrode and a bare metal roll.

Ozone contributes to bottom line

Adding ozone to your process allows for lower extrudate temperatures and the use of lower temperature resins (EVAs). Reduced air gaps also translate into greater productivity. Some companies have improved production speeds by as much as 50%.

Plasma Laboratory Updates Reflect 14 years of Innovation

14 years ago Enercon pioneered the development of the first production grade atmospheric plasma treatment system for the converting industry. Learn how recent upgrades to Enercon’s surface treating laboratory have increased the capabilities to run trials on the most sophisticated plasma treating systems ever designed.

Plasma treating for narrow web

The days of narrow web presses being limited to only paper and polymer label printing applications is long over. Today’s narrow web applications are as diverse as the surface treating technologies used to treat the wide variety of polymer and metalized surfaces.

Plasma Treatment Industry Applications

Plasma Treatment cleans, etches and functionalizes plastic and metal surfaces to improve adhesion. Enercon plasma treatment solutions may be configured for a wide variety of industrial pretreatment applications.

Applications for Plasma Treatment of Objects

Enercon offers a variety of technologies and products for treatment of three dimensional objects. Treatment of polymer objects promotes adhesion for printing, painting, coating, bonding and labeling.

Plasma3 adds value to non-wovens increase adhesion and kill microbials

Enercon's Plasma3™ is a revolutionary new surface treatment technology which adds value to nonwoven product. The system can modify the entire surface area of a fiber network of webs with dual-side treatment.

Plasma3 for engineered films

If you convert fluoropolymer, polyimide or composite films Plasma3™ may be the surface treating solution you've been looking for.

Plasma3 offers ground floor opportunities for innovative converters

Plasma3™ successfully broke new ground in the surface treatment of difficult-to-treat polymers, foils, wovens, nonwovens, metals, fibers and powders.

Portable corona treaters offer flexibility

In some rare instances we've had customers who require a portable corona treater for use on multiple lines. When properly set-up most operations won't notice a difference in the perfomance of a standard treater or one mounted on casters. But high speed and high performance lines may not have the same results.

Sheet Treating Applications

Enercon's sheet treaters feature our ultra-reliable power supplies and treatment technologies adapted for the treatment of sheets.

Smart Segments™ Electrode Actuation

Smart Segments™ solves many problems for film extruders. Operators can now set treater electrode segments from the operator interface and receive on screen feedback on current segment position. This eliminates the process of manually actuating segmented electrodes on treaters which are often located in difficult to reach places.

Surface Cleaning and Activation Solutions for Solar Modules

Enercon is pleased to offer a revolutionary atmospheric plasma surface treating technology for pretreatment of films and metals used in photovoltaic applications.

Surface Treating Technology Comparison

Which technology is best for your application? Our surface treating comparison chart can help you decide.

Surface Treatment for Medical Plastics

Enercon offers a variety of surface treating options for medical plastics.

Unique Ultra-Wide treater headed for Europe

Like many other converters, the European company is impressed with Enercon's application experience, world-wide support and advanced technological design. The system features a special electrode assembly bearing design that maintains rigidity over a wide range of operating temperatures.

Use ozone decomposers to insure safe air quality

A by product of all corona treaters is ozone. Enercon corona treaters are designed to ensure ozone is safely exhausted away from the operators area.

Variable chemistry plasma for bonding difficult surfaces

When air plasma systems fail to meet your adhesion requirements its time to try Enercon’s new Plasma3™ VCP system. It’s ideal for difficult to treat surfaces such as PTFE and features Enercon’s patented plasma delivery technology.