Adhesion Promotion of Wire & Cable Jacketing with Plasma Treatment

Wire and cable jacketing are typically made from thermoplastics, thermosets or fibrous coatings such as fiberglass or K-Fiber. These materials properties have poor wettability and adhesion properties, making it difficult to apply other functional layers such as inkjet inks, adhesives and coatings.

Atmospheric plasma offers an in an in-line solution for improving adhesion and wettablility. Incorporating surface treatment technology has allowed manufactures to eliminate harmful chemical primers and also switch from solvent based to water based inks.

This paper explores:

  • Current atmospheric surface activation systems being used by wire and cable manufacturers
  • Appropriate measurements of wettability and adhesion
  • Over-treatment effects
  • Surface analysis techniques relative to optimizing the adhesion of inkjet inks, coatings and adhesives to these polymer and fibrous surfaces.
  • Recommendations for improved activation by substrates

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