Surface treatment impacts variety of industries

Assembly Applications

Atmospheric plasma systems are used for a variety of adhesion promoting assembly applications. Micro-etching treatment cleans surfaces and promotes adhesion for bonding, fastening and decorating.

Solar Applications

Enercon systems are used to enhance metalization, deposition and lamination adhesion for rigid and flexible solar cells. Plasma is used as a dry etching, surface cleaning and adhesion promoter. Ideal for spot treatments and adhesive/sealant adhesion to glass, junction boxes, and other components

Medical Applications

Atmospheric plasma is a popular technology for delicate and mission critical medical device applications. Treatment is ideal for increasing adhesion for printing, coating and bonding.

Electronics Applications

The growing demand for printed circuitry is supported by atmospheric plasma. Treatment increases the receptivity of inks and coatings used in printed electronics manufacturing.

Folding Cartons

Atmospheric plasma cleans surface contaminants and micro-roughens surfaces to create more bonding sites for adhesives. The results are faster folder gluer speeds, increased quality and a reduction in adhesive expenses.

Sheet Treating

Enercon sheet treaters enable lithographic, UV, EB and screen printing on non-porous polymer based materials and synthetic papers.

Enercon’s plasma treater mounted on a robotic arm for precise treatment patterns.