Mission critical flexible packaging applications benefit from Plasma3™

Operations that require stringent surface treating performance now have the power of Plasma3™ atmospheric plasma systems as a treatment option for mission critical coating, laminating, and printing applications.

Plasma3™ provides exceptional long lasting treatment treatment results on materials that are unresponsive to traditional treatment methods.

The atmospheric plasma system produces a homogenous glow discharge that delivers exceptionally uniform treatment that cleans, etches and functionalizes surfaces for improved adhesion on a wide variety of surfaces.

Converters are taking advantage of this technology to add value to their unique packaging structures and processes as well as generating impressive results without the risk of backside treatment on more traditional converting applications.

How Plasma3™ works

Reactive gases are diffused toward the surface under the influence of electrical fields. Low molecular weight materials such as water, absorbed gases and polymer fragments are knocked off the surface to expose a clean, fresh surface. At the same time a percentage of the reactive components in plasma with sufficient energy bond to the freshly exposed surface, changing the chemistry of the surface and imparting the desired functionalities.

Suitable for Plasma3™ surface treatment
Materials include
Films Nonwovens Metals Papers
Wovens Powders Foams Fibers

Originally appeared in eNews: Surface Treating 2nd Quarter 2007

The introduction of gas chemistries to a proprietary electrode produces a high density glow discharge that creates high surface energy