Medical Design seeks experts advice advanced treatments

Medical Design Magazine relies on Enercon's expertise when trying to shed some light on advanced surface treatment for increasing adhesion to medical devices. Here is an introduction to a recent technical article published in Medical Design called "Surface Treatment for Wettability and Stickability". 

Advanced surface treatment techniques such as air plasma, flame plasma, and chemical plasma discharges are playing key roles in the design and development of medical devices comprised of polymers such as high molecular weight polyethylene.

These techniques will alter the first few atomic layers of the polymer to render surfaces wettable so that adhesive bonding can be achieved to troublesome materials such as polyolefins, silicones, and fluoropolymers. Plasma treatment of polyethylene or polypropylene greatly enhances wetting. Contact angles as low as 22° have been demonstrated on these materials after brief oxygen plasma exposure. When these parts are properly packaged after treatment, the contact angle remains stable for years.

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Originally appeared in eNews: 3D Surface Treating 2nd Quarter 2009.

Medical Design Magazine called on Enercon's expertise when trying to shed some light on surface treating for medical devices.