Do you know what's new? Find out from the comfort of your desk and decide if CMM is worth the trip

Industry trade shows are not what they used to be. The internet has shortened the distance between suppliers and customers in ways that only a decade ago was unimaginable. However trade shows still provide the unique opportunity for one-on-one visits with many industry experts in the same venue. And there’s no substitute for being able to “kick the tires” on the latest show room models.

CMM 2007

Did you know Enercon's power supplies offer new interface architecture that provide single point control for all standard and optional system function. With our PLC based power supply integrating customized options and networking to your master control center has never been easier. See it in operation at CMM booth 1445.

Did you know Enercon's Plasma3™ atmospheric plasma system provides you with the flexibility to mix different gas chemistries to create unique surface treatment results for a variety of applications. With new highly complex and engineered substrates, inks, coatings and laminations being introduced every day, Plasma3™ provides you with unparalleled surface treatment flexibility. See it at CMM booth 1445.

Did you know Enercon manufactures treatment systems for objects as well as webs? That's right, whether you have a flat sheet, a thicker foam or a three-dimensional object Enercon has a surface treatment delivery system that will work for your application. See Enercon's Dyne-A-Mite™ HP in operation at CMM booth 1445.

Did you know that Enercon configures each corona system based on your application? We choose from several designs of ceramic and metal electrodes and match them to one of our many roll covering solutions to optimize performance at the required watt densities. Enercon's CMM exhibit features a unique carousel of electrode and roll configurations to help your team understand the sometimes subtle differences that can make or break an application. Take a hands on look at CMM booth 1445.

We won't be able to exhibit all of our innovations at CMM, but here are a few extra "did you knows" from the Enercon development team.

Did you know Enercon manufactures pneumatically retractable segmented electrodes? Consider the benefits for your operation. No need to climb the tower to engage or disengage the segments. Electrode position is controlled from the conveniently located power supply interface.

Did you know Enercon can integrate its surface treaters into sheeting equipment? The ability to bump treat immediately prior to sheeting has provided a competitive advantage for many customers.

Did you know Enercon ozone generating equipment is used to improve the performance of extrusion coating lines? The combination of ozone and corona produce far superior results than the use of corona alone. Contact me for a technical research paper that documents these findings.

I hope to see many of you at this year's CMM show in Rosemont. In the meantime feel free to contact me with a "Did you know?" of your own.

Originally appeared in eNews: Surface Treating 2nd Quarter 2007

Tom Gilbertson VP Application Engineering