Enercon Corona, Atmospheric Plasma and Flame News

Free Dyne Pens for Education, Research & Non-Profits

Enercon is pleased to announce a new program that will provide free dyne pens to educational & research facilities to further the understanding of surface energy and adhesion. We will accept entries via our website and award dyne pens each month.

Plastics Decorating features Enercon technical article "Optimizing Surface Adhesion to Polymers"

When the Plastics Decorating editorial team needed a technical report on surface adhesion they turned to Enercon. Enercon responded with a new technical article called "Surface Activation for Optimizing Adhesion to Polymers."

Medical Design seeks experts advice advanced treatments

Medical Design Magazine relies on Enercon's expertise when trying to shed some light on advanced surface treatment for increasing adhesion to medical devices. Here is an introduction to a recent technical article published in Medical Design called "Surface Treatment for Wettability and Stickability". 

Surface treatment impacts variety of industries

Find out which industries are taking advantage of Enercon atmospheric plasma to improve adhesion for printing, coating and bonding, enhance metalization and removing surface contaminants.

Independent research confirms Atmospheric Plasma benefits

A new technical paper presented by Tampere University of Technology at the 2008 TAPPI PLACE Conference in Portsmouth, Virginia, USA confirms atmospheric plasma surface treatment benefits. 

Rave reviews for new power supply designs

Enercon's new power supply designs use the latest technology to reduce cost and improve productivity including installation, operation, communication.

Atmospheric plasma, chemical corona and air plasma: Clearing up Misunderstandings and Misrepresentations

As atmospheric plasma surface modification technologies become more mainstream, potential users of these technologies in the printing, coating and laminating industries can be confused by "mixed-messaging" that some surface treatment equipment suppliers are using to ride the wave of atmospheric plasma technology's popularity. This article defines the differences between atmopsheric plasma and corona.

Best practices for troubleshooting printing on substrates

New technical article for troubleshooting flexographic printing

Promote adhesion of UV and EB inks and coatings with atmospheric plasma

Assisting the re-emergence of energy curing technologies is the evolution of atmospheric plasmas as a key surface preparation protocol prior to applying UV and EB inks and coatings for web, sheet and 3D surface applications.

New micro-imaging feature added to Enercon's lab capabilities

Go beyond the surface with micro-imaging analysis of Enercon laboratory results.

Paper Film and Foil Magazine to feature Victrex plc and Plasma3™

Paper Film and Foil Magazine's upcoming feature on Victrex plc will focus on the use of Enercon's Plasma3™ surface treating system in its new APTIV film line. Plasma3™ provides Victrex with a competitive edge for...

Web-based meetings now available from Enercon

Whether your organization is multi-city, multi-state or multi-national Enercon has the resources to host a web meeting to ensure your key team members are involved. We invite you to use this resource to help educate your team on...

Do you know what's new? Find out from the comfort of your desk and decide if CMM is worth the trip

Industry trade shows are not what they used to be. The internet has shortened the distance between suppliers and customers in ways that only a decade ago was unimaginable. However trade shows still provide the unique opportunity for one-on-one visits with many industry experts in the same venue. And there’s no substitute for being able to “kick the tires” on the latest show room models...

Mission critical flexible packaging applications benefit from Plasma3™

Operations that require stringent surface treating performance now have the power of Plasma3™ atmospheric plasma systems as a treatment option for mission critical coating, laminating, and printing applications. Plasma3™ provides exceptional...

Improve Folding Carton Bond Strength

Converters are taking advantage of Enercon's atmospheric plasma surface treating technologies to improve the performance of their gluer folder operations.