Treater on HP Indigo Press improves productivity

Haney PRC serves as a comprehensive industry resource after the design process all the way to the full print run. In order to provide its customers with the most innovative and high quality prototypes and mock-ups, brothers Dan and Matt Haney have invested in an impressive collection of printing technology.

One of the company's breakthroughs has come through its use of Enercon's corona treating system on its HP Indigo digital web press.

"You have to understand a little bit about how the Indigo and some of the other digital printing technology work" explains Dan Haney. "They all require some sort of coating treatment for the ink to adhere to various substrates. The manufacturers of the ink systems specify a solvent-based coating for plastics. We found by using the Enercon corona treater, we can use HP Indigo's aqueous-based Sapphire coating on film. That's something we've done [and] found that it works," says Haney.

"We understand what corona treating is about. We suspected that [Sapphire] may work on film, if boost-treated. It worked better than expected. We had no idea that it would be this consistent. And it's been one of the major reasons we've been able to do what we're doing, and that's a fact," Haney maintains. "Sapphire dries immediately and is easy to work with."

Haney also believes with this new method of treating film, digital printing can finally find its niche in the converting industry.

In its successful use of Sapphire on film, Haney commends Enercon's corona treater for allowing the company to push the envelope. "Enercon is a top-notch company, the kind of company we want to associate with. They are best in class. They think strategically, make good equipment, and invest in technology and R&D."

Haney also believes with this new method of treating film, digital printing finally can find its niche in the converting industry.

Haney PRC defies conventionality by boost-treating film on its HP Indigo press