Corona and Atmospheric Plasma Customer Stories

"Voice of the customer" drives Ad Tape and Label's growth

About the only thing not growing at ATL is the grass. And even that's only a temporary condition as the dust settles on the company's recent plant expansion.

Atmospheric Plasma Treater increases Folder Gluer Production

Learn how Green Bay Packaging's Folding Carton Division (De Pere, WI) installation of a new atmospheric plasma surface treater improved product quality, increased productivity and reduced production costs.

Atmospheric Plasma Treatment for APTIV Film

"We did look at the corona system as an option, ...but we’re making a long-term investment, and we look to be on the technical leading edge. All of the people who have tried [the plasma system] said, 'Wow, this is good.'" Mike Percy Global Technical Leader Victrex APTIV™ Films

Award Winning Packages with Custom Press and Corona Treater Innovation

When your customers include the global leaders in the highly competitive consumer products market you need to be prepared to be innovative. Control Group®s’ Chief Operating Officer Jim Imburgia says “Many of the flexible packaging products we produce today started out as a concept from our customers, it was up to us and our suppliers to make their vision become a reality.”

Bare-roll treater provides Crayex Corp. with versatile treatment capabilites

For Crayex Corporation, surface treating wasn't always so easy. Before switching to Enercon bare-roll corona treaters, Crayex personnel had to climb 40-ft-high blown-film towers to replace covered treater rolls that burned out frequently.

Baxter Healthcare reduces material costs 70% with in-line printing and treating

Baxter Healthcare is reaping rewards after revamping their intravenous tubing devices' packaging strategy. The switch from preprinted material to in-line printing has reduced costs and improved flexibility.

Chase and Sons' expand capabilities

Chase & Sons' Webster, MA, was recently featured in Paper Film and Foil Converter Magazine. The company is in the middle of an extensive facility and capabilities expansion for their high-speed, solventless, 100% solids laminating line.

Coating Excellence International poised for expansion after receiving award & VP visit

In 1997 Bill Arndt and Mike Nowak decided to start their own business under the name Coating Excellence International (CEI). The Wrightstown, Wisconsin firm has averaged an astounding 82 percent annual sales growth over the last six years.

Co-extrusion & adhesion capabilities give Scapa N.A. an edge

Scapa North America's purchase of Great Lakes Technologies in Syracuse, New York is an impressive addition to their well established line of specialty pressure-sensitive adhesive films, tapes, and compounds.

Corona Treater Improves Bonding for OPP/CPP on Nordmeccanica Laminator

To ensure those bonds are as strong as possible, Golden Eagle Extrusions purchased two high definition corona treaters from Enercon. One is mounted at the primary unwind, and the other is mounted on the secondary unwind. The treaters are designed specifically to integrate with the Nordmeccanica laminator both electrically and mechanically.

Corona Treating Medical Packaging for Flexographic Printing and Laminating at Technipaq

Technipaq’s medical packaging applications needed to meet strict sterilization requirements. Enercon’s universal roll systems provide homogenous corona for consistent treatment for cleaning raw materials. 

Corona treatment builds better bonds for BOPP laminates at Prestige Pak

Snack-food flexible packaging converter, Prestige-Pak, adds two Enercon universal roll corona treaters to ensure lamination strength and  to improve dyne levels.

Custom coating specialist thrives with diverse use of surface treaters

One of the most important components Wausau Coated Products builds into its converting lines is corona treating. Its livelihood and profitability are tied to the performance of the corona treaters, so when these systems started breaking down and causing problems, Stogbauer knew something had to be done fast.

Custom Wire Tech partners with K-Kolor for mission critical printing on custom Medical Devices

The power of surface treating has made an impression on Boldig. "I'm really impressed with the improvement in adhesion these compact systems provide. In fact, we tested the system for a few other applications in our facility."

Dow develops new resin technologies with versatile corona treating

The Dow Polyolefins and Elastomers (PO&E) Technical Service and Development Group recently invested heavily in its laboratory capabilities via a new extrusion coating and lamination line. Located at the group's R&D headquarters in Freeport, TX this multi-million dollar line, supplied by Black Clawson Converting Machinery LLC (Fulton, NY), enables Dow engineers to develop and evaluate new resin technologies, as well as provide fast resolution of day-to-day technical issues for customers.

Eagle Film Extruders soar high with an eye for detail that ensures flat film production

Eagle Film Extruders, Inc. (Grand Rapids, MI) goes to great lengths to produce the "flattest" film possible. As an ISO 9001:2000 certified company it only uses prime grade resins and state-of-the-art equipment to create consistent, flat film.

Enercon's economic solution aids Indonesian company

PT. Panverta Cakrakencana was running out of options. Three years ago the company installed a new line for producing cast polypropylene. The line worked well except for a problematic corona treater.

Equistar leverages the benefits of atmospheric plasma

Equistar Chemicals LP, a $5.9 billion chemical company formed in 1997, is one of the world's largest producers of ethylene, propylene, and polyethylene resins, with more than 3,000 employees and 16 manufacturing facilities along the US Gulf Coast and in the Midwest.

Flame Treater Cures Downtime Eliminates Poor Ink Adhesion

Find out how Enercon's flame treaters are improving print adhesion for pharmaceutical cap manufacturer, Centor , while dramatically decreasing decrease in downtime.

Flame Treater Improves Automotive Leather Adhesion

Find out how Eissmann Automotive uses robotic flame-treating cells to enhance the adhesion of interior leather components for popular premium vehicles.

Flexible extrusion line is a novel idea

What does an already-successful converter do when Opportunity knocks? If healthcare customers are at the door, and they're asking for high-barrier packaging capability that you don't have enough of, you'd better get it. And that's exactly what Amcor Flexibles Madison, WI did.

Folding Carton Manufacturer Eliminates Solvent Adhesive

Eco-conscious carton maker Evergo Packaging found a way to switch from solvent- to water-based adhesives. Learn how Evergo increased overall productivity with Enercon's Dyne-A-Mite IT.

Haney PRC improves productivity with Enercon treater and HP Indigo Press

Haney PRC serves as a comprehensive industry resource after the design process all the way to the full print run. In order to provide its customers with the most innovative and high quality prototypes and mock-ups, the Haney brothers have invested in an impressive collection of printing technology.

Ink jet printing on HDPE and PET improves with Plasma Surface Treating

Find out how Best Formulations uses blown ion treatment for adhesion on ink jet printing on HDPE and PET.

Kendall Packaging uses new equipment to follow its mission

At a time when many companies are pulling back on capital spending, Kendall Packaging is seeking out systems and equipment consistent with its mission (to be guided at all times by the needs of its customers); contribute to productivity enhancement; and strengthen its competitive position.

Lofton Label reaches lofty heights with the help of surface treaters

How do you earn the trust of a company for label runs in the millions? How can you confidently promise to deliver the job in a matter of a couple of days? Ask Lofton Label's Production Manager Mike Gaughan and he'll tell you its not only a matter of trust, it's a matter of quality.

New solventless laminating line raises the level of service for Rohm and Haas customers

From meeting environmental regulations to reducing operational costs solventless laminating has many advantages. If you're not sure if solventless laminating is right for your operation then you should bring your questions to the Rohm and Haas team at their Midwest Pilot Coating Facility in Ringwood, IL.

NEX Performance Films Invests in W&H Blown Film line with Enercon Corona Treaters

NEX installs a new Windmoeller & Hoelscher blown film line fitted with several Enercon corona treaters. The Windmoeller & Hoelscher line offers the company’s latest die design, gauge control, blending, and winding technologies.

Plasma and Flame Surface Treating Enable Automotive Adhesive Bonds

TA Systems of Rochester Hills, Michigan, specializes in engineering custom automation solutions for the automotive industry. Their customers rely on them to integrate multiple technologies and processes into efficient manufacturing cells. Recently, there has been an increase in requirements for integrated in-line surface treating to improve adhesive bonding on a variety of plastics.

Plasma Treater Improves Ink Jet Printing Throughput

 Learn how Wago uses Enercon's Dyne-A-Mite™ IT  to prepare plastic surfaces for printing.

Plasma Treating Tubes Ensures Ink Adhesion and Increases Production Efficiency

Plastube, a Canadian manufacturer, offers a variety of decorative tubes for many industries. After trying different types of treatments to solve various issues, Plastube found a final solution with Enercon. Learn more about why Martin Lépine, Platube’s Plant Engineering Manager, added seven plasma treaters to their operation.

Plasma Treatment Improves Print Durability on Nexans’ Wire

Find out how Nexans used plasma treatment on their extruded wire to improve ink jet print adhesion.

Robotic Plasma Treatment for Headlamp Adhesion

Hella Australia Pty Ltd designs and manufactures automotive lighting equipment, plastic moldings and accessories for the most sophisticated new cars in the world. Throughout their facility is state-of-the-art technology used to supply interior and exterior lighting including: headlamps, reflectors, lenses, and auxiliary lamps.

Solar Communications expand horizons with High Definition Corona

Solar Communications of Naperville, IL, is featured in a recent edition of Converting Magazine. Their combined addition of wide-web flexographic printing with  proprietary film demetallization capabilities is enabling them to  rapidly expand its production horizons into the world of  flexible-packaging converting.

Solving Potting and Assembly Adhesion Challenges
with Custom Solutions

Mertek recently partnered with Enercon on a project involving a plastic pool filter. The bond between an epoxy potting adhesive was failing and allowing water to pass through...

Surface treating is key to laminating uniformity

A proprietary laminating process developed by Optimanufacturing of Green Bay, Wisconsin, allows the company to produce the CDfender®, a new product designed to protect the surface of compact discs (CDs).

Surface treatment improves print adhesion for leading dental product manufacturer

In this case, toothbrushes purchased from China were to be converted in the Ranir LLC's Grand Rapids Michigan plant. The polypropylene toothbrushes resist ink adhesion so the Ranir engineering team set-out to specify an integrated...

Treater on HP Indigo Press improves productivity

Haney PRC serves as a comprehensive industry resource after the design process all the way to the full print run. In order to provide its customers with the most innovative and high quality prototypes and mock-ups, brothers Dan and Matt Haney have invested in an impressive collection of printing technology.One of the company's breakthroughs has come through its use of Enercon's corona treating system on its HP Indigo digital web press.

Tufco's solvent lines rely on Enercon treaters to improve productivity

Corona treating on a solvent line? Welcome to conventional thinking overturned. Conventional thinking directs many to think that pretreated material doesn't require additional inline treatment when using solvent-based printing. However, printers like Tufco in Green Bay Wisconsin are impressed with the results they see from their lines with Enercon corona treaters