Surface Treatment Library

Enercon has created one of the most extensive libraries in the industry. Below are links to many of the categories of documents included in this library.

Surface Treating Ebooks Surface Treating Ebooks

Get a deeper understanding of surface treating technology with Enercon’s collection of eBooks. Flip through the interactive books to access videos, animations and connect with surface treating experts. View them on the internet or download them to your computer or eReader.

Technical Articles

Enercon's technical articles tackle many of the technical questions surrounding surface treating. Ever wonder what corona is & why you need it? What is atmospheric plasma & what is it good for? Or what the difference is between coated and bare rolls?

Surface Treating Webinars

Our webinars bring our technical papers and inspiring personalities to life. Hear and learn from  industry professionals and Enercon’s surface treatment application experts in these highly informative webinars.

Enercon Corona, Atmospheric Plasma and Flame News

Keep up to date on Enercon's latest developments.

Technical Papers on the Science of Surface Treatment

Looking for the scientific answer to questions about corona, flame or plasma surface treating? Enercon's technical papers have been written by or co-authored by members of the Enercon team and some of the brightest minds in the industry.       

Corona, Plasma & Flame Surface Treatment Applications

Find insights on a variety of industrial applications and market segments that benefit from corona, plasma & flame surface treatment. In most cases these treatment technologies are used to increase surface energy to promote adhesion.


Watch video and animation of the corona, flame and atmospheric plasma surface treating systems and concepts

Surface Treating Customer Stories

Enercon surface treaters are installed around the world on lines producing a wide array of products. Each application we encounter has a great story behind it. Read more about some of our customers' successes.

Press Releases

Want to find out what's new at Enercon? Browse through our press releases to learn about everything from new equipment to new developments at Enercon.

Technology Spotlights

Interested in learning a bit more about Enercon surface treating systems and power supplies?

Surface Treating Quizzes

Test your knowledge on common misconceptions about the corona treating process.