Flame Treaters & Flame Surface Treatment for Objects and Webs

Flame treatment is ideal for functionalizing BOPP, PET, OPP, PE, coextruded films, paperboard, metal foils, and foams for numerous product applications in the food, automotive, medical, industrial tape & textile industries.

Enercon’s unique flame treater design features PowerFlame™ burner technology which optimizes surface treatment effectiveness. An advanced combustion control technology ensures safe operation and repeatable treatment results.

Flame Surface Treaters

Flame Treatment - Films & Webs
High speed production grade flame surface treaters for films and  paperboard of all widths. Advanced control & reliable web handling ensure results.
Dyne-A-Flame™ Flame Treater
Safe and reliable flame surface treaters. Features power flame burner and advanced combustion control systems. Integrates with a robot or mount in a fixed position.
Dyne-A-Flame integrated with robot
See the Dyne-A-Flame™ integrated with a multi-axis robot as it increases the surface energy of an automotive bumper prior to painting.
Plasma Treating Objects
Plasma Treating Objects An alternative to flame treatment is atmospheric plasma.
Plasma Treating Webs
Plasma Treating Webs Learn about Plasma3™ and Plasma4™ technologies.