Flame Surface Treater Applications

Flame surface treaters can be designed to spot treat object surfaces or entire webs. Flame is an aggressive form of treatment which can be a highly effective method of increasing surface energy. Today’s advanced electronic control make flame surface treaters a safe technology for a number of industrial applications as shown below.

Label Adhesion Improves with Flame and Plasma Treatment

When packagers are faced with label adhesion challenges flame and plasma surface treaters are often used to increase bond strength. Label adhesion problems occur because many of the container, lid and cap materials used in packaging are chemically inert and non receptive to bonding with glue.

Corona, Flame & Plasma Treatment for Packaging Applications

How your packaging looks on the store shelf can make or break your company’s success. So it’s no wonder packagers invest so much in ensuring their package appears flawless when it leaves the factory. Atmospheric plasma and flame surface treaters can play a significant role in helping you catch your consumer’s eye.

Plasma & Flame Treatment for Optics, Lenses, Eye Glasses and Frames

There are a number of applications in the optics field where plasma and flame surface treatment are used to improve adhesion. Treatment of specialty lenses prior to coating helps prepare glass and polymer surfaces for successful coating adhesion.

Micro Etch Surface Assemblies for Improved Adhesion with Plasma & Flame

Surface Treatment is widely used for assembly applications because of its effectiveness, low cost and environmental friendliness. Common plasma and flame treatment assembly applications include: automotive head lamps, medical devices such as needle hubs, and household appliance gaskets and components.

Construction & Building Materials Surface Adhesion with Plasma & Flame Treatment Solutions

Plasma and flame surface treating is commonly used in the packaging, medical and automotive field. However increasing requirements for improved adhesion performance in the construction industry is now creating a demand for atmospheric plasma and flame surface treatment solutions.

Plasma & Flame Treatment for Automotive Part Adhesion

The automotive industry is at the forefront of using new materials and technologies to reduce cost and improve performance while striving for green manufacturing processes. Perhaps that’s why the automotive industry is one of the most aggressive users of in-line atmospheric plasma and flame plasma surface treatment technologies.

Converting Film With Corona, Plasma & Flame Surface Treatment

Flexible packaging converters and label printers know that almost all engineered films have nonporus surfaces with inherently low surface energy. These films are surface treated at the time of extrusion, but also require in-line treatment at the time of conversion.

Corona, Plasma and Flame Treating for Plastics

Generally, plastics have chemically inert and nonporous surfaces with low surface tensions. This makes them nonreceptive to bonding with inks, adhesives, coatings, and other substrates. Corona, Plasma and Flame surface treating improve the adhesion of plastics.

Improve Label Adhesion on Bottles - Flame & Plasma Treaters

Many packagers rely on flame or plasma treatment to prepare their bottles for labeling and marking. Surface treatment cleans, etches and functionalizes surfaces to improve receptivity to adhesives, inks and coatings.