Bare Roll Ceramic Electrode Corona Surface Treater

This patented corona surface treater consists of ceramic electrodes filled with conductive metal and a bare metal roll. Add a ceramic coating to the bare roll treating system and make roll clean up a breeze. Bare Roll systems are powerful & reliable, and a popular choice for most converting applications.

The Bare Roll design eliminates the need for a dielectric covering on the treater roll. This saves the cost of a spare dielectric roll since it is no longer necessary. The Bare Roll also prevents the loss of film and production time due to roll covering burn out. The system treats any web, including: plastic, foil, metallized film or paper. The patented airflow design aids in electrode temperature stability and provides ozone removal for an ozone safe work area. The high-efficiency rectangular ceramic electrodes are long-lasting and provide higher treatment levels.

Bare Roll Standard Features

  • Web width to 138" (3500 mm).
  • Roll face width varies based on your needs.
  • Treat one or two side(s) of the web.
  • Rectangular high efficiency ceramic electrodes.
  • High voltage transformer mounted integral to station.
  • Hinged electrode assembly for easy cleaning.
  • A drawing is provided to display web directions.

Bare Roll Optional Features/Accessories

  • Pneumatic cylinders for electrode retraction.
  • Ground roll will be equipped with extended shaft for gearing to machine speed.
  • Blower (CFM, HP ratings based on your needs.)
  • Watt Density Control
  • Remote Control
  • Skip Treat Control
  • Ceramic coating
  • PlasmaReady ™ Upgrade Option

Bare Roll Benefits

  • No roll covering to fail.
  • Patented cooling and ozone removal system eliminates ozone in the operator area while maintaining the electrode at a stable temperature. This minimizes warping and improves reliability.
  • Conductive and non-conductive webs can be easily treated.
  • Bare Roll treater rolls have smaller diameters than those of Covered Roll systems because of the area of dielectric required to dissipate the heat generated in the corona. In the Bare Roll system the diameter is dictated only by the length of the roll and the number of electrodes required.
  • Unlike Covered Roll stations not manufactured by Enercon, Bare Roll stations can be oriented in any position.
  • The Bare Roll station is extremely safe to operate because the metal electrode is encapsulated in a ceramic dielectric, thus allowing an open station without the safety cabinets required with Covered Roll systems.

Enercon power generators and stations are designed to operate in a maximum ambient temperature of 40°C (104°F) @ 80% relative humidity, non-condensing.

Enercon's Bare Roll surface treater in action.